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Holiday Marketing Tips for Small Businesses in 2024

Holiday Marketing for small businesses is an excellent strategy to achieve higher sales on holidays. Holiday sales often make up about half of the total annual sales. Therefore, Holiday Marketing Tips for Small Businesses may provide an opportunity to boost their bottom line. To do so, Businesses must be at the top of the visitor’s list of options. They should find out what people are looking for in order to do that. A small business may do this by using SEO services and matching those aligning with their social media marketing. It’s because that’s how people look for possibilities.

Some Facts about Holiday Marketing and its Effectiveness

  • Almost 85% of the consumer add online shopping to their holiday plans. (drip.com)
  • 80% of holiday shoppers say they were influenced by the internet before going for a holiday purchase. (wordstream.com)
  • 55% of the buyers in holiday shopping go for the business that responds well on social media.  (marektingweek.com)
  • 50% of the shopping-related searches take place in the last quarter of the year, as there are many holidays in the meantime like Boxing Day, Christmas, New Year, etc. (Statista)
  • 45% of shoppers say that free shipping for holiday gifts influences their purchase decision. (drip.com)
  • 33% out of 100% of shoppers make a purchase due to a promotion that they came across.

These figures show how digital marketing can be effective if it is opted to execute holiday marketing. Whether business is a small clothing outlet or a bakery, you can boost your sales via digital marketing. You can offer limited time offers, apps download rewards, routing to optimized and well-designed landing pages etc.

Holiday Marketing Tips for Small Businesses in 2024

As the marketing has evolved a lot. Online marketing has become the basic ingredient of marketing. Here we are going to give you some tips regarding the holiday marketing. By following these tips, small businesses will be able to get good results during the holidays.

Set the Smart Goals for the Holiday Marketing Strategy

The best Holiday Marketing Tips for Small Businesses is to set smart goals. As they have a limited budget for marketing. Some of the chunk goes to traditional marketing where they have should also decide where to spend the remaining budget. As a small business owner, you should have clear goals for your holiday marketing.

Through Holiday marketing strategy, what a business want to achieve. They usually want to increase brand awareness, boost sales, or look to achieve any other goal. Once the goal is clear, a business may start to develop a holiday marketing strategy.

Go for Market Research

Do go for the market research. Know the trends and what’s going on. It will give business an idea of what people are thinking, what they want, and what they expect in holidays from their type of business. In this research, businesses would also be able to know what your competitors are doing. What strategies, actions, and goals they are having.

While doing research, do go for what people are searching for. It will give the intent of the people what they want. Businesses can go for any SEO service provider, and get a report on their business-related keywords. As mentioned earlier, searches and social media possess great power in achieving the desired business goals.

SEO Services and Social Media Marketing

Small businesses need to infuse your holiday marketing with related searches and trends. For that, a business need to start earlier than others. You need to hire an SEO service provider who reports related searches and predicts the coming trend in holidays.

By picking the intent of consumers and shoppers, a business need to craft a social media marketing strategy. Business social media marketing and traditional marketing should be integrated and should send only one message. Use the predicted trends to achieve the intended goals.

Try using a social media platform that is more related, or have more discussion about your business. There is always a discussion going on Reddit, regarding different holiday topics. So pick your choice accordingly and execute your strategy according to related searches you have from SEO service providers.

 Infuse your Small Business with the Holiday Theme

You need to merge your small business with the holiday theme. It will have a very different impact on the consumers. If there are Christmas holidays, business advertisement, landing pages, and all other marketing stuff should be aligned with the theme of Christmas. It will surely attract the shoppers.

Moreover, try to infuse the physical marketing aspects with the holiday theme as well. Like business outlet, store, stall or any physical space should be decorated accordingly. Also, the packaging of your product or service should be aligned with the holiday theme in holiday marketing.

Get Offers – Discounts – Free Shipping and So on . . . 

 As the facts indicate, many people wait for the holiday for their most of shopping. Also, Sales Team observed such a long queue for sales. Businesses need to get holiday marketing right by crafting offers. Your social media marketing links should land people on customized holiday marketing offer pages.

Moreover, in their holiday marketing, businesses can offer discounts as well. Businesses can go for bundling of the products, and then offer a discount. Also, keep your social media crispy by having limited-time offers. Free shipping also has a great impact on the shopper’s decision to buy. Do consider it while crafting the offer.

Try to craft offers or social media marketing strategy where user-generated content is produced. Businesses can offer rewards for better and unique user content. It increases your business credibility and acts as a review and results in free marketing.

Keep Analysing and Optimizing

Businesses need to keep analysing their holiday marketing strategy, with keeping the intended goals and KPIs. First, try to execute your strategy fully. Start earlier than the competitors. Once implemented, a small business will see during the holidays new things and trends can emerge.

Businesses need to keep a keen eye on competitor’s holiday marketing as well. If there are best practices in the market you can adopt them and optimize your holiday marketing whether it is in SEO marketing or social media marketing.

In a nutshell, small business can benefit a lot from digital marketing. Business can first learn from SEO about what their target audience is searching. Once sure about that business can opt for Google Ads, Targeted commercial or review blogs, animation and video ads, besides conventional marketing on TV, Radio, and Newspapers.

One important aspect of digital marketing for holidays is social media marketing. Businesses need to optimise profiles, and create sponsored ads. They can go for user generated content, and also create clickable pictures or ads, directed to landing pages’ holiday marketing and offers.
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