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Business Management

QASTCO’s Business Management Software Empower
Businesses in Efficient Data Management, Automated
Workflows, and Real-time Analytics.

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Software Solution

QASTCO Software Solutions for Effective Business Management

QASTCO’s Business Management Software Solution is suitable for all sectors including SMEs, Institutions, and Large companies that can benefit from enhanced flexibility, scalability, and reduced infrastructure costs.

We have range of ready made and customisable Software Products From HR Management System, WhatsApp Messaging System, IOLytics and Pharmacy Fast to Bespoke Business Management System. In Bespoke Business Management, we provide Software for Manufacturing, Material Tracking, Stock Management, CRM, Project Management and other business related functions.

You may select single or multiple product as per your Business requirement. Our specialized products are well-integrated.

HR Management System

Bespoke Business Management

WhatsApp Messaging System


Pharmacy Fast


Key Features

QASTCO’s Software solutions build inimitable core capabilities of your organization to improve your Business process dramatically.  Our software products are intuitive and flexible, offering cloud and on premise hosting, compatibility with web, Mac, Android, and iOS. It features 24/7 support, multilingual capabilities, comprehensive training, and flexible pricing models, including monthly and annual options.

Custom Reports
Custom Notification
“What if” Planning
Automatic Email
Integrated calendars
White Label
3rd Party Integration
Custom Dashboard
Efficient Controlling
Model Scenarios
Complete, yet simple lead
Compliant call recording
Chat Support
Auto Backup

Let’s QASTCO’s Software team help you automate your Business Processes through latest technologies to reduce your operational cost and maximise your bottom line.   

Our Products

Our Products that
Cover almost everything

QASTCO’s products boost business efficiency by streamlining HR tasks, enhancing communication via WhatsApp, optimizing pharmacy operations, offering tailored business management solutions, providing advanced data analytics with IOLytics, and improving document processing through OCR technology.

HR Management System

Streamlines recruitment, attendance, payroll, and performance management, improving efficiency and ensuring compliance, which enhances overall workforce productivity.

WhatsApp Messaging System

Facilitates instant, secure communication with customers and team members, enhancing engagement, customer service, and internal collaboration.

Pharmacy Fast

Pharmacy Fast websites streamlines operations with a user-friendly interface, allowing patients to order prescriptions easily.

Bespoke Business Management

Customizes workflows, integrates disparate systems, and optimizes operations, providing tailored solutions that meet specific business needs and drive growth.


Delivers data analytics and insights, empowering informed decision-making, identifying trends, and optimizing strategies to enhance business performance.


Transforms printed documents into editable digital files, increasing accuracy, saving time, and streamlining document management and data entry processes.

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