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Expert Developers

When you work with QASTCO, you strengthen your project with top talent. Our developers have 20+ years of experience.

Quality Software Solution

You deserve the best software solutions. A software that automates your repetitive Business Process and provide best economical solution.

Cost-effective Solutions

Our costs are determined by one factor; your budget. We adapt to you and stick to the numbers we agree on, from the beginning to the very end.

A Full Service Software Agency Providing user-centered Software Apps

Whether you need a custom software solution to automate your business processes or improve customer engagement.

Our team will work with you closely to develop software that streamlines operations, increases efficiency, and ultimately saves time and money.

Our software development team excels in multiple coding languages, including Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, Ruby, PHP, and Swift. With expertise in these diverse technologies, we create robust, scalable, and innovative solutions tailored to meet your specific business needs.

Let’s QASTCO Software Developers Code to make Your Business Operations efficient and scalable.   

Design Services

Software Development Solutions

Our team offers comprehensive services including Full Stack Development, Front-End and Back-End Development, Mobile App Development, Microservices, and UX/UI Design and Ideation, delivering scalable, intuitive, and innovative solutions tailored to your business needs.

Full Stack Development

We offer full-stack solutions; front-end design with HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and back-end development with PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails.

Front-End Development

We create responsive, visually appealing interfaces using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, for seamless and engaging user experiences.

Back-End Development

Our team builds robust, scalable server-side solutions with PHP, Python, and Ruby on Rails to support your business applications.

Mobile App Development

We design and develop high-performance mobile apps for iOS and Android, focusing on user experience and functionality.

Micro Services

We implement scalable, maintainable micro services architecture, enabling independent development and deployment of components.

UX/UI Design and Ideation

Our experts craft intuitive and engaging interfaces, prioritizing user experience and innovative design to align with your brand.


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  • An expert contacts you shortly after having analysed your business requirements.
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  • After the online meeting, we will send you Proposal of the project.
  • As soon as both parties agree on the proposal after any modification. Our team will start working on..

Software Development

Our Software Development Process


Register for access to our services, kickstarting your journey towards realizing your project goals and objectives.


Conduct thorough market and user research to gather insights and define project requirements and objectives.


Craft visually appealing and user-friendly interface designs that align with your brand and user expectations.


Develop robust and scalable solutions using latest technologies, ensuring functionality meets project specifications and requirements.


Deploy your project to the intended platform, making it accessible to users and ready for real-world usage.


Provide ongoing assistance, maintenance, and updates to ensure your project remains optimized and performs efficiently over time.

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