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Holiday Content creation Tips for Your Social Media

Holidays are a great time to create brand awareness and boost sales. Businesses need a proper holiday marketing strategy to get the benefit of holidays. One of the most important tools for implementing marketing strategy is social media marketing. For that, a business needs a content strategy to engage the target market. Interactive content surely not only engages the customers but also leads to higher rates of conversions. Therefore its important for Your Businesses to be aware of effective Holiday Content Creation Tips for your Social Media to utilise this great opportunity.

Marketing Content Effectiveness for Holidays

  • Almost 45% of Gen Z, use Instagram posts to have inspiration for holiday marketing. (colibricontent.com) 
  • According to Master card, every year sales increase around 11% on Thanksgiving weekends.
  • Almost 50% of tablet users, and 47% of smartphone users like the company which posts content at least once a week. (Forrester)
  • 80% of shoppers on holidays are influenced by the content shared on the internet. (wordstream)
  • 29% of the shoppers on holidays find gifts through influencers. (Meta)

Content is king. Content creation is important for businesses. They have to plan it and make a clear strategy. The above-mentioned data shows that engaging content not only converts a visitor to customer but also makes them remember the brand or website they are visiting.

Content Creation Ideas for Holiday Social Media Marketing this Year

Content creation ideas are important to consider. This is because the content should be interactive and should be able to attract and engage customers. Secondly, the content should convey the same message on all the platforms whether it’s offline means of communication or social media. Let’s have a look at some tips that can improve your content strategy:

Develop Theme-Based Content

Theme-based content gets more attractions that are aligned with season themes and products, services, or websites. If it is the Christmas holiday, the content should be themed for Christmas. The colour combination should be red and white, also the packaging should be aligned with the theme of holidays.

So, apply the Christmas theme on apps of your business,  website, social media platforms, and on logos (Like VLC does) as well. This theme-based content will not only attract the customer but will also make your wall more interactive and eye-catching.
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Show Price – Discounts & Offers

Price and discount promotions are an important part of holiday marketing. It is because people wait and plan for holiday discounts and offers to buy some important gifts and items. That’s why businesses need to promote their products along with the discounts they are offering in their holiday offers.

Furthermore, Businesses need to promote their prices and discounts in a creative manner. Also, businesses can add the urgency factor in it, by adding the terms like limited time offer, 4 days to go, etc. Businesses need to display these items through social media marketing as well as on websites and conventional marketing platforms.

In addition to that, some offers can also be provided  in holiday marketing. These bundled offers make the decision easy for the customers. For that purpose, businesses can create specific offer pages or landing pages. They can place the links of these landing pages in all the content created for holiday marketing.

Create Content to Boost UGC

While making content strategy for holiday marketing, the user-generated content should be a heart. This is because user-generated content offers a lot of benefits. It not only boosts marketing but also acts as a testimonial for a product or service.

Businesses need to develop such an offer that should encourage the customers to go for content creation. It can be based on offers for videos, prize draws, etc. The User-generated content can be in any form like reviews, testimonials, videos, or others.

Do keep an eye on negative or critical user-generated content and deal with it with proper strategy. Many people do look at 1-star reviews and ratings while deciding to purchase something.

Create DIY Tutorials and Guides

Businesses need to create DIY (do it yourself) guides and tutorials. It should feature the product of the business. For example, if your business is culinary-related, you can develop a tutorial for recipes. Featuring their condiments and products.

This holiday marketing strategy will give the customer the idea that if they want to do or enjoy their particular task, they need your brand to make it happen. This content strategy has been very effective for many brands.

 Send Email Newsletters

Social media marketing is a great tool for holiday marketing, but there is one Omni channel marketing tool which is an email. Businesses need to send email newsletters to the target customers. It has good conversion rates, and on holidays people do check email marketing newsletters to get to know about holiday offers and discounts.

Look for Competitors

While carving and optimising a content strategy for holiday marketing, businesses need to look for competition as there might be something to ponder on. Looking at competitor’s content strategies businesses will get the content ideas. Also, businesses can notice what competitors are lacking and where they can exploit any opportunity the competitor is lacking.


In short, content strategy for holiday marketing is a crucial part of a marketing plan. It is because content creation is a creative process. It takes time to develop. Businesses can use multiple content marketing techniques for social media marketing to ensure that they get good customers on the holiday eve.
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