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Five Holiday Marketing Ideas to Boost E-commerce Sales This Holiday Season

The Holiday Shopping Seasons are a jackpot for online businesses. E-commerce sales rise before and during the holiday season. Online Businesses should adopt such web design that is suitable as per season, like the holiday season. To get more traffic on holidays, businesses need to get and implement holiday marketing ideas. Here are five holiday digital marketing ideas that can help in attracting valuable customers and boosting E-commerce Sales:

Five Holiday Marketing Ideas to Boost E-commerce Sales This Holiday Season

There are many holiday marketing ideas that businesses can try to boost their e-commerce sales during the holiday season. But it’s important to do what is effective. They must go for such ideas that are tried and tested.

As mentioned there are many ideas for holiday marketing, but here we are going to discuss about five of these ideas. These holiday marketing ideas will surely create a rush on your e-commerce website. You should try one of these or a combination of these holiday marketing ideas.

Some Facts and Figures about Holiday E-commerce

Fast-paced growing e-commerce has proved over the time that the holiday season is one of the best seasons to get high sales. People wait for the holiday season to have different offers, and companies wait for holidays to offer new schemes. Here are some important facts about holiday e-commerce:

  • 80% of holiday shoppers on the internet are influenced by the internet before making a purchase from an e-commerce website. (wordstream.com)
  • Most of the brand-specific searches happen on Cyber Monday and Black Friday. (localiq.com)
  • 63% of the holiday shopping budget is spent on e-commerce. (moosend.com)
  • 70% of estimated holiday season e-commerce sales in 2022 were almost $239B USD. (Statista)
  • According to one Google study, 61% of holiday shoppers are open to trying new brands during shopping for the holiday season. (tinuiti.com)

Start your Holiday Marketing Campaign Early

As we know an early bird gets the worm, the same goes for holiday marketing. Businesses need to start early. They need to plan first about their goals. Once goals are set a business can develop the holiday marketing strategy for their e-commerce website.

Around 30% of e-commerce shoppers start searching for their desired products and offers in Late September and early October. Businesses need to hit right at the time. In this way a business could be able to catch early birds, as well as tempo will be set to get full advantage of the holiday season.

Modify and Personalise the Website with a Holiday Theme

At first, businesses need to personalise the website for e-commerce shoppers. If not the website, create custom landing pages linked with clickable ads that should land the customer on the desired product page. Also, the landing page should be eye-catching and attractive.

The landing pages should contain all the required information for the customer. There should be CTA buttons, which should help customers to buy to move to the next step of payment. 

Apply Call to Action – Sense of Urgency

The holiday season is known for its offers and discounts. Many companies and e-commerce websites create offers that decrease their profit margin to boost brand awareness and sales. Businesses need to introduce deals and offers to attract customers. Place buttons and messages for a call to action.

Also, a business needs to compel them for action by creating a sense of urgency in their holiday marketing. You can introduce the Deal of the Hour or the Deal of the Day. Moreover, businesses can use the timer to tell the shoppers how much time is left to grab the offer. It will surely make them act.

Keep your Website Navigable

During the holidays, people keep searching and visiting pages to get to the required product. Also, due to holiday marketing stuff like pop ups, offers, CTA buttons, and bundled offers the e-commerce websites become crowded. Businesses need to make your e-commerce website navigable.

When shoppers don’t find their desired product they leave the e-commerce website. Your business needs to make sure that they find what they are searching for. They can add specific banners of holiday marketing on the homepage of the website to redirect shoppers to holiday marketing campaigns and offers.

Go for Collaborations and Partnerships

Partnerships are a great way to implement and harvest holiday marketing. Look for the brands with which your business can create partnerships or collaborations. Offer the product with the brand. It will have a great impact on the audience and the brand’s audience and target market will also be redirected to your site.

In short, holiday marketing is the best time for an e-commerce business to milk more revenue. Businesses need to start early to execute holiday marketing campaigns. The E-commerce website can be altered according to the holiday theme, and different offers can be displayed to create a sense of urgency while keeping the site easy to use. Partnerships and collaborations are also a great way to attract e-commerce traffic.
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