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Web Design: 7 Elements that Influence Conversions

Web Design plays a critical role in nurturing user experience. A user-friendly web design not just looks good but also encourages visitors to take action; be it making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or contacting your team.

In an online business, each visitor counts. It has the potential to be converted into a customer. There are many factors like the product you are offering, prices, packages, etc. for converting visitors to customers. One of the most important factors is web design. An e-commerce website should have a responsive web design to achieve higher sales. Beside Ecommerce websites other sites need to focus on all the elements that can improve website design. Before jumping into elements of web Design. Let’s focus on the effectiveness of web design in getting the valuable conversions.

Effectiveness OF Web Design for Conversion

  • Estimated 40% of the visitors look for clear navigation and layout on the website. When they are able to search for what they want, they are mostly converted into customers. (diviflash.com)
  • Almost 94% of the visitors make the first impression about the website from web design. (hubspot.com)
  • A tall page of an e-commerce website can increase the conversion rate by almost 30%. (hubspot.com)
  • Around 40% of the customers (conversions) said that they chose to buy because of an image, displayed and arranged in a web design. (hubspot.com)

The web design should be so that it should provide a smooth user experience so that the visitors can be converted into customers easily. Businesses can use search engine optimisation to get traffic to the site.

The above-mentioned figures show how effective web design is for conversion, especially for an e-commerce website. Get your e-commerce website well-designed by QASTCO.

7 Elements of Web Design that Influence Conversions

Well, there are many elements in the web design that influence the visitors to get them converted into buyers. Here are 7 elements of web design important elements of web design that influence conversions a lot.

Loading Speed of a Website

Load speed in web design is very important. The website should be able to load in the meantime that the customer wants. This is because faster load time leads to more visits on more pages. That leads to increased conversion rates as visitors are able to view more products and have more options in mind.

According to statistics, the visitors leave the website when it does not load in three seconds. Each additional second after 3 seconds in load time, reduces the conversation rates by 7 percent.

Businesses can optimise their e-commerce website in a number of ways. Optimization of imagery and video content, minimization of usage of render-blocking CSS and JavaScript, etc., can be used to reduce the load speed of an e-commerce website.

Social Media Integration On the Website

In a website, the display of social presence is quite important. It gives the credibility of the business to the customers. Customers know that business is known at large, and they can share products of anyone on social media platforms.

These shares on social platforms and word of mouth do boost the conversion rate. A business needs to embed the social media presence in web design in such a way that it doesn’t look crowded, it should be clear and give room for the product display image.

Mobile Optimization of Website

More than half of the traffic on websites comes from mobiles. Mobiles have become a necessity of life. People search for options and visit sites to inquire about product, prices, and availability.

While designing web design make sure your site is mobile optimised. It should be able to adjust different screens. The web design should be able to embed the shopping cart, checkout, and payment system without crowding the webpage.

This mobile optimization of web design will boost conversion rates as visitors will be able to buy products seamlessly.

Clear Navigation and User Experience

A web needs clear and proper navigation. The categories should be defined. The shopping cart and payment options or Lead form should be clear so that visitors can decide and get what they want. Also, there should be a search bar for navigation of products and services the website has.

This clear assortment of products, categories, contacts, payment systems, etc. will give customers a seamless experience. It will not only boost the current conversion rate but also will result in repeated conversions. 

Engaging and Clear CTAs

CTAs are an important part of web design. These CTAs should be embedded in the websites without making the page crowded and customers annoyed, which creates a great impact on conversions.

Using phrases like Limited Offer, Download Now, Buy Now, Add to Cart, Sign Up Now and others  attract customers to take action. 

Add Quality Videos and Images

Do add quality images and videos to your website. As this content is a primary source of information for the visitors about the products. They can see the products from different angles, and understand their functionality in different situations through videos and pictures.

Businesses need to use the videos and images in websites in such a way that it doesn’t affect the loading time, and visitors may get all the information about the products.

SEO-Optimisation and Responsive Design

Responsive web design means it should be able to adjust all types of screens and orientations. It should be easy to navigate, and can easily load content according to the needs of customers. Responsive web design has a great impact on conversions as customers can access the site from any platform.

Also, keep your web design in the way that it has always search engine optimised content. Whether it is for a product, descriptive blog, or a review blog. This search engine optimization will get the traffic to the website that people are searching for. Once they find the desired product, they will turn into customers.


In short, the web design for an e-commerce website plays an important role in converting visitors to customers. Businesses can improve their website design by having mobile optimization, clear navigation, adding quality and SEO-optimised content, engaging CTAs, and Good Load Speed. In this way, they will increase their conversion rate.

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