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How Effective is WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp marketing came in the news when the number of users increased to around 2.7 billion and WhatsApp also introduced WhatsApp business. With such a large customer base, WhatsAPP became the number 1 communication app, and 8th most downloaded app on Play Store. Therefore,  WhatsApp marketing has become an important part of social media marketing. Due to its unique feature and personalised communication, WhatsApp has played a great role in increasing conversions.

Effectiveness of WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp marketing has been very effective over the period. Here are some facts and figures that prove why a business should surely opt for WhatsApp marketing.

  • WhatsApp has the highest open rate of almost 98%. (LinkedIn)
  • WhatsApp messaging can increase conversion by 100% to 200%. (rasayel.io)
  • Almost 50% of customers think they get better advice, fast responses, and truthful replies from WhatsApp. (rasayel.io)
  • 66% of the users are relaxed about the brand that is active on messages. (LinkedIn)
  • WhatsApp messaging can increase customer retention by 63%. (Mobile Market Watch)
  • 45% of the users tend to convert after having a conversation with a business on WhatsApp. (WA business)
  • 26% of people use WhatsApp to plan their travelling bookings. (Statista)

Key Effectiveness of WhatsApp Marketing

Well, there are a lot of facts and figures, proven cases across the globe, and on the scale of the businesses WhatsApp marketing has proved its effectiveness. Whether it’s for brand awareness, conversions, sales, CRM, or any purpose, it has got the desired engagement.

How WhatsApp has been so effective. And how it has gained centre stage in the social media marketing strategy. 

Offers Personalised Communications

WhatsApp marketing allows personalised messaging to customers. This personalised messaging makes the customer feel confident to talk and to rely on the brand. Also, this direct messaging fosters an interactive relationship with the customers.

In this way, WhatsApp marketing increases brand credibility and allows businesses to have better CRM and better customer retention.

High usage and Response Rates

As the statistics show, WhatsApp has the highest open rates reaching almost 98%. It means every message a brand or a business sends to the customer is at least seen for one time. Also, people keep checking WhatsApp, making it suitable for promoting offers, and discounts, with proper CTAs.

This better response time results in better conversions. Also, due to the high open rate businesses can get an idea of whom to retarget. Retargeting through WhatsApp delivers more promising results and conversions.

Effective CRM and Better Response

As mentioned earlier, WhatsApp marketing fosters better CRM, resulting in high retention of customers. Also, the new features of WhatsApp like marketing automation of reminders and notifications have made CRM more effective.

The newly introduced and adopted WhatsApp Chatbots can answer customers at any time. These Chatbots can solve almost 80% of the customer’s queries. This responsiveness of business earns a great deal for CRM.

Cost-Effective Model

As compared to traditional advertising models, WhatsApp marketing is almost free. It is because it is a communication app, and all businesses have to send messages. These messages are usually free, and the internet is almost available in all office settings.

Even if integration for bulk messaging and broadcasts is purchased, these integration tools are quite inexpensive compared to other forms of marketing.

Rich Content Support

Through WhatsApp marketing, all types of content can be shared. Images, text, audio, videos, documents, GIFs, emoji, and other forms of media can be shared. These all can create an impactful message to be delivered to the customer.

Through all these content types an engaging message can be created according to the audience, and can be presented in a way that it communicates the integrated message on all messaging platforms.


The most important part, which makes WhatsApp this much effective is its opt-in model. It means the user has opted for the business or the brand to receive the messages. Otherwise, they can block the contacts or not follow the channel. Read How to Create WhatsApp Channel?

This shows that the audience that is receiving messages has an interest in the brand or the business. The offers, discounts, or updates about new arrivals with proper CTAs in place can turn this interested audience into consumers. It means WhatsApp marketing can help in targeting the right audience, unrelated audience filters the business itself.

Final Thought

In short, the WhatsApp marketing has been effective when it comes to social media marketing. Businesses need to use it wisely, as it can solely drive the whole marketing effort of the company. Features like an opt-in model make it an effective marketing tool.