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Monitor and Control with Mobile App

Stay connected and manage your processes on the go with our user-friendly mobile app.

Detailed Monitoring and Control with Web Application

Gain in-depth insights and control over your operations through our comprehensive web application.



Multiple Devices

Monitor multiple locations from a single platform, enabling comprehensive comparison of events and performance metrics.


The System can integrate with other application or other system can integrate with this application. You can take the benefit of collected data into other system or other system can benefit from our system.

24/7 Technical Support

Obtain comprehensive support for a diverse range of probes and custom sensors tailored to the specific requirements of your facility.


Receive immediate notifications on your mobile to ensure critical alerts are directed to the appropriate responsible individual.


Produce comprehensive reports to analyse and monitor your operational activities.


Consolidate and visualize essential metrics and performance indicators in a single, streamlined dashboard.



At QASTCO, we understand the critical role that rapid prototyping and visualization play in the development of cutting-edge automation solutions.

Our Fast Visualization of Prototyping service is designed to accelerate the innovation process, allowing our clients to see, test, and refine their ideas swiftly and effectively.

Key Features:

  • Speed and Efficiency
  • Interactive Models
  • High-Fidelity Visuals
  • Collaborative Process
  • Cost-Effective Solutions

POC (Proof of Concept)

At QASTCO, we pride ourselves on our agile and efficient approach to developing Proof of Concept (POC) projects. Recognizing the critical role that POCs play in validating ideas and demonstrating their feasibility, we have honed our processes to ensure rapid and effective development, enabling our clients to make informed decisions quickly.

Our client-centric approach ensures that our POCs are not only developed quickly but are also highly relevant and valuable to our clients. We engage with clients at every stage of the POC development process, ensuring that their feedback is incorporated and their expectations are met. This close engagement helps us deliver POCs that provide clear, actionable insights, enabling our clients to move forward with confidence.


Agile Development

we believe in the power of Agile Development to deliver high-quality, customer-centric solutions. Our Agile approach is rooted in flexibility, collaboration, and continuous improvement, ensuring that we meet the evolving needs of our clients efficiently and effectively.

We prioritize our clients’ needs and involve them throughout the development process. Regular feedback and active participation ensure that the final product aligns with their vision and requirements.

We conduct retrospectives to evaluate what went well and what could be improved. This ongoing process of reflection and adjustment helps us enhance our practices and deliver better results over time.

Delivering Projects

Our Methodology


Understanding your business needs and defining project scope.


Developing a comprehensive plan to achieve your automation goals.


Building and implementing your bespoke automation solution.


Rigorous testing to ensure the solution meets all requirements and performs flawlessly.

Quality Control

Ensuring the highest standards of quality and performance.


Finalizing the project with a thorough review and handover.

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