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How to Improve E-commerce User Experience?

E-commerce user experience includes the overall quality of the interaction and satisfaction of the buyer journey, starting from the user’s first visit to the landing page and the moment they make transactions to their post-buying experience. The user experience in this journey of an E-commerce store can create or spoil the brand reputation of a website.

 A delightful experience for customers can convince them to buy and build a profitable relationship between brands and customers. On the other hand, a poor experience can confuse web visitors which may result in a high bounce rate, low conversion rates, and annoyed customers. A study conducted by Northern Arizona University states that 88% of web visitors are most likely to leave a web page after an undesirable experience. 

 Every Virtual store must provide a desirable user experience on various devices like desktops and mobile. Otherwise, they might lose their high-value consumers. According to thinkwithgoogle, 52% of users stated that they didn’t engage with a brand because of a bad mobile experience. Therefore, the fastest-growing traffic from mobile devices demands a responsive e-commerce website that may function well on every screen.

Best Practices for Improving E-commerce User Experience:

 You need to follow these best practices for User Friendly design to encourage long sessions by making the customer buying experience flawless.

  • Build an Understandable Homepage:
  • Organise Checkout Process:
  • Support Site Search Functionality
  • Enhance Your Web Page Speed
  • Add Customer Testimonials
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Give Social Proof

Build an Understandable Homepage:

There is not much time to make a great first impression. Users usually land on the homepage first which typically receives the most traffic. Therefore, It must appear uncluttered and have a clear purpose. To make a long-lasting first impression, an online store must adopt a consistent colour code and theme that represents true brand identity. Furthermore, the homepage must also have high-quality images, convincing Ad Copy, and a clear Call to action.

Contact for getting an attractive Homage.

Organise Checkout Process

Consumers are likely to abandon online retailers if the checkout process is complicated. Users may give up on online purchases if the checkout procedure is too lengthy or does not display necessary information. To make the Checkout process user-friendly; the E-commerce web should utilise short forms that must contain a clear description of necessary and optional information. It helps customers to provide their personal information without hesitation. Moreover, a clear progress indicator like steps or numbered stages should also be used to tell customers how long it takes to complete the transaction.

Support Site Search Functionality

Although search bars are still used in E-commerce, it is imperative to understand why some customers browse and others use a search bar. People who use search bars are aware of what they are looking for, sometimes being as specific as a product name. Additionally, those who browse look at more related stuff.

A good site search is easily visible to all users and supports typos in search queries to assist the user if they make any spelling mistakes. Along with typos support, site search should also have different filter options to help users compare several options.

Enhance Your Web Page Speed

If you are neglecting the speed of your website, you must know that 53% of users leave a web page if it takes longer than three seconds to load. People feel impatient when a web page takes longer than three seconds to load which frequently hurts the user experience (UX). An adverse effect on the user experience results in a high bounce rate and low conversion rate. Therefore, You must pay serious attention to your website Page loading speed. You can use several Tools like; Google Pagespeed Insights, GTmetrix and WebpageTest to check your website speed and get valuable recommendations for improving it.

Add Customer Testimonials

Adding Customer reviews on the product page helps to win the trust of customers. Web visitors are always curious to learn about previous customers’ experiences while ordering products. Although Users buy products with mainly positive reviews but negative reviews can also help in attracting consumers. The way a business responds to negative feedback puts the business in a positive light.

Multiple Payment Options

Visitors abandon their cart if they don’t find their preferred mode of payment. Therefore, online stores must use all popular payment options to cover all their potential customers. The popular payment options include PayPal, G-Pay, and credit/debit cards. These multiple payment options provide Customer convenience, data security, and better user experience.

Give Social Proof

User-generated content, such as social media feeds, client evaluations, email subscribers, or your number of followers, can be used to demonstrate social proof. Any information you provide to customers that suggests help from others has the potential to increase their trust in your store and brand. As a result, it reduces any worries or skepticism about your items and improves the consumer experience.


A great design is not enough to create a good user experience. It has several components that work together to efficiently guide users around an e-commerce website and help them accomplish their objectives. To make customers feel special, online businesses should offer something above and beyond the bare minimum. Remember that a good User Experience helps your site to rank higher on Search engines. Search engines strive to respond to user searches with the most relevant results. To evaluate the quality and relevancy of a website, they take into account user signals like bounce rate, time on site, and conversion rates. Positive user experiences on websites are associated with reduced bounce rates, more prolonged session times, and greater conversion rates. These elements inform search engines that a website is worthwhile and merits a better position. As a result your Website can get more visibility which can lead to more conversion and growth in sales revenue. Therefore, give serious attention to User experience, and in case you are busy with some important task of your business, contact us to help you in providing a stunning user experience and organic growth with SEO of your E-commerce site.